The only purpose of this blog is to promote design, photography and every form art can and could become, but always respecting the author of the opera(s), giving him/her all the rights he/she deserves.
For this reason, if an author don’t want to see anymore  his/her opera published on this blog, I’ll (considering every author writing) , sadly, remove the opera(s) as soon as possible from this site and eventually apologize for the mistake.


We, authors of Wide Blog, can’t control every comment made on every article, but we do our best. It’s obvious that in this website is not admitted any kind of violent, racist or aggressive comment.

We ask you to help us keeping this blog clean, sending an email trough to contact form.


Since the beginning of art naked bodies have been one of the most inspirational object, BUT keep in mind that we promote art, not pornography (someone could say sadly), you can go on youporn if you are looking for that.

Thank you.


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